Jadey Completes His Challenge

25 May 2018

Gym user Jadey has been fundraising for Brighton and Hove Albion charity, Albion in the Community by completeing an ultra-marathon challenge during his work outs at the Futures Life Skills Centre Gym.

Under the watchful eye of gym manager Dan, Jadey has completed:

  • 1000 chest presses
  • 1000 lateral pull downs
  • 1000 bicep curls
  • 110 punches in a minute
  • clocked up 26.2 miles on a recumbent upper body stepper machine

Jadey set himself the target of completing his ultra marathon before Brighton's game against Manchester United on 5th May, which he did and Dan went along to join Jadey for a half time interview to celebrate his acheivement.

They guys even had time to meet an Albion legend, Inigo Calderon.

*Photo courtesy of Brighton and Hove Albion


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