Ebony Celebrates Success

20 Jun 2018

In less than a year, Ebony has made amazing progress in completing her goal to become more successful at independently choosing videos on Youtube using her pointy finger, a target set back in June 2017. In just 4 months she had made progress, using her pointy finger on her iPad, when encouraged by her support workers. By March this year she was consistently using her pointy finger without being prompted, and now she does it in her ICT sessions when using the bungalow computer, and on her iPad. It’s been great to see Ebony’s fine motors skills develop, her ability to make choices improve and her understanding of cause and effect grow. Along with her keyworker Shannon, Ebony has already set herself a new goal to learn and use new signs she has learned on Patchwork Farm. Keep pursuing your potential Ebony, we’re all cheering you on!

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