Condoco Dance Company

24 Apr 2018

When I saw that a company of disabled and non-disabled performers, known as Candoco Dance Company, were coming to Brighton, I was really keen to give the young adults in Futures the chance to come and watch! It was set to be an evening of powerful contemporary dance, as Candoco performed a piece called Face In, ‘a sensual ode to intimacy and imagination’. They also performed their piece Let’s Talk About Dis, looking at themes of identity, exploring the dancers bodies and personalities, through spoken word and dance.

It was a sensory delight, hosted at the Attenborough Centre at Sussex Uni, which is a bustling hive of activity. The auditorium hummed with expectation, and we were transported to a fictional world as the movements and audio captivated us, surprised us and made us laugh. I asked Becky and Jono what they thought, after they’d recovered from an unusual evening out! “I was confused with the first dance, but the second one was great, because it was spoken, it was about disability and it was funny”, said Becky. She also said she’d like to watch more contemporary dance in the future, and would definitely like to see Candoco again if they’re in Sussex! Jono said “I was confused at the first dance because I didn’t understand what they were trying to communicate, and because some of the movements were a bit weird, however I still enjoyed watching”.

Rosie Smith- Futures Activities Coordinator

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