Brighton Science Week 2020

10 March 2020

As part of the Brighton Science Week in February Half term a couple of groups from Futures enjoyed slightly unusual outings. Joe and Lucy went to the Bubble Brain workshop led by Simon the Mujishan aka ‘BubbleMan’ who we know from past Chailey events. He didn’t just have bubbles, he had fire and smoke and one bubble was big enough to fit a small child in! Joe was laughing when the bubbles drifted into the audience and landed on him.

The second group had a more ‘outer space’ experience at a pop-up planetarium by Creative Space. The whole dome was a light with amazing imagery of the Milky Way, which accommodated each of the young person’s postures, as it was such a wide angled experience. One young person seemed to be in awe when the dome sparkled with lots of stars. Thank you to Brighton Science week for these experiences.

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