Autumn activities in St Martin's

Autumn fun in St Martin’s

In St Martin’s this term we have been having lots of autumn fun. We scooped out pumpkins with our hands and explored the seeds and pulp. In our walkers we walked through and scrunched the leaves. We had great fun using our creative skills to make firework pictures, we squeezed syringes full of paint across sheets and made lots of mess. In the sensory studio we used the magic carpet firework game, when we moved it made the fireworks bang, whizz and whistle. The whole department got together for a bonfire celebration, we sang songs, lit a bonfire, smelled or tasted the hot chocolate, cooked marshmallows and we had sparklers.


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Chailey Heritage Foundation works in partnership with Chailey Clinical Services, part of Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. They provide medical intervention, clinical expertise and a range of therapies on-site for our children, young people and young adults.