Patchwork Farm receives support from Sussex Police

10 June 2020

Our thanks to Kirstie, a member of staff at Sussex Police, who recently nominated Chailey Heritage Foundation for a donation of £750 from the Police Property Act Fund. This fund is made up of money the police have received from the sale of found or confiscated property and is used to support local projects that benefit the communities of Sussex.

Kirstie put the charity forward for a nomination after hearing such positive stories from one of her relatives who works as an Education Assistant at Chailey Heritage Foundation. We are very grateful for the nomination.

The funds will go towards the running costs of the onsite fully-accessible therapy farm; Patchwork Farm, which is home to lots of animals - from pygmy goats and donkeys, to ducks and chickens. A visit to the farm offers the young people a chance to interact with the animals as part of a fully multi-sensory experience. The residents at Chailey Heritage Foundation and pupils from school have particularly enjoyed spending time with the animals at Patchwork Farm recently, especially as other visits and trips off-site have been cancelled.

If you would also like to support Patchwork Farm, see here how you can sponsor one of our animals, or feel free to contact the Fundraising Team at for any further information.

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