3rd Innowalk Arrival

27 May 2020

We have just received our third and final Innowalk for use at the Life Skills Centre at Chailey Heritage Foundation. We began fundraising last October for these motion therapy devices, that enable people with physical disabilities to get out of their wheelchairs and exercise, and we are delighted that we have now raised all the funds needed for this equipment.

The first two (one large and one small) arrived earlier this year and have already been put to good use by the children in our school. The new Innowalk will be installed in the gym within the Life Skills Centre and will be available for young adults aged 16+ to use, both those living on-site and those who come as visitors to use the Life Skills Centre, once we are back open.

Using an Innowalk has a whole range of benefits to a disabled young person. Similar in appearance to a cross trainer, it gives young people with disabilities the chance to move their legs and arms in both sitting and standing position and enables them to experience a natural walking motion. Specific health benefits include: building muscles, strengthening bones, improving joint flexibility, increasing heart rate whilst exercising, improving appetite, digestion and bladder control, and improving concentration and sleep patterns.

The Innowalk will make such a difference to the users of the Life Skills Centre. All our thanks to our supporters for their generosity in funding this vital equipment for the young people at Chailey Heritage Foundation, we are very grateful.




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