King of the Strikes

2 Aug 2018

Futures participated in their nail-biting skittles final at The Hub last week. Parents and other young adults came to spectate and support. Sam, Jono, Christopher, Toby, and Liam gave a tremendous show, we were ‘bowled over’ by their competitiveness. Before they started playing, Christopher said he was excited and nervous, but nevertheless ready for the challenge. Liam started the game well- getting a strike in his first go, with Christopher joining in the second round with another strike. Sam showed us how he diligently lined up his shots, being careful to see where the ramp was pointing.

After 3 tense rounds, Toby amazed us all with a strike in his final go, earning him an extra 2 points and putting him at the top of our podium. The guys gathered around with their certificates to a rapturous round of applause. The games sessions at the LSC are extremely popular with Futures, a chance to socialise, enjoy the buzz and practice coordination with the hope of winning the prize. Well done Toby!

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