Fame for Futures’ Christopher

21 Mar 2018

For Christopher from Futures, March has been a whirlwind of a month! He’s shared his opinions on care provisions to hundreds of clinicians, and he’s even been on Channel 4... with a further interview in the pipeline!

Back on a chilly day in early March, Christopher travelled up to London on the train to present a video where he shared his experiences as a disabled man using care services, for an NCEPOD report. The NCEPOD is an organisation of clinicians whose work includes the reviewing of care provisions by undertaking confidential surveys and formulating them into reports. Christopher used his VOCA system, to film a video called ‘Each and Every Need - a review of the care received by children and young adults with a chronic neurodisability‘. One of the questions Christopher answered was: Do the doctors, nurses, physios etc who are involved in your care involve you and help you make decisions? Christopher explained that it depended who the clinician was and continued: “A good example is at Guys Hospital recently, the doctor took time to talk to me about my treatment options, he took time to learn my yes and no signals and if he wasn’t sure, he asked for help, he also knelt down so he could be on the same level as me.”

Christopher’s participation in the report will hopefully have a positive impact on the care provisions for young adults like himself.

Following on from his valuable contribution at NCEPOD, he was approached by Channel 4 news to be interviewed about the report, which was aired on 13th March on national television. The whole bungalow gathered around the TV to watch Christopher, with much excitement!

All in all, a busy month, and it’s not over yet! So if you see a man wearing shades, surrounded by paprazzi, you’ll have to wait your turn before you can have your picture with him!

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