Switch operated pig feeder for Patchwork Farm

Here at Chailey Heritage we are very lucky to have our own research and development engineer. Over the years Martin has developed many specialist items, things like the TRACK powered wheelchair driving aid which features across the site.

He has also created all manor of switch activated toys and games, helping to make learning interactive and exciting, the set of tubular bells in the residential quad and the water canon seen on celebration day to name a few.

His latest creation is a switch operated feeder for the pigs, allowing young people with very little physcial movement to do something that many children and will experience, feeding the animals whilst visiting a farm. 

The feeder has proved very popular with our school pupils, with some of them being helping to test it and allow Martin to make some tweaks. It's also fair to say that it's been very popular with the pigs and the sound of them happily munching away provides a satisfying feedback to those using the switch as you can see in the video below.


Working in partnership with

Chailey Heritage Foundation works in partnership with Chailey Clinical Services, part of Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. They provide medical intervention, clinical expertise and a range of therapies on-site for our children, young people and young adults.